The Asfari Foundation

The Asfari Foundation is a charitable organization that focuses on promoting positive and lasting change in the lives of individuals and communities in the United Kingdom, Lebanon, and Syria. Established in 2006 by Ayman and Sawsan Asfari, the foundation aims to empower young people, promote civil society, and provide relief to those in need. Its core mission is to invest in education and development initiatives that enable individuals, particularly youth, to realize their potential and to contribute to the development of their societies. The foundation operates through a range of programs that include scholarships, leadership development, organizational grants, and community support, particularly in areas affected by conflict and displacement. Through its commitment to education, civic engagement, and social entrepreneurship, the Asfari Foundation strives to create opportunities for personal and community growth, fostering a generation of informed, empowered, and responsible leaders. Its approach is characterized by a deep commitment to sustainable development, with an emphasis on building strong partnerships with local and international organizations to achieve lasting impact. The foundation’s work is pivotal in addressing educational and societal challenges, promoting social cohesion, and nurturing the skills and capacities of young people to lead positive change in their communities.

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