World Bank Budget Development – Consultant

Deadline to apply: February 2, 2024

About the Opportunity

Job Description


The IRC seeks an expert consultant to support the design and development of budgets that optimize awarded World Bank (WB) funds in a manner that maximizes the IRC’s ability to recover all of its indirect and shared costs. The consultant will draw from a detailed knowledge and experience of World Bank systems and budgeting approach as well as an analysis of existing IRC budgeting and financial practice under the current World Bank project, to draft a budget framework that not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also abides by both World Bank and IRC’s budgeting regulations, while enabling the full allocation of resources towards needed project management costs.

Scope of work

Review past World Bank-funded projects awarded to the IRC to comprehend cost structures, cost eligibility, expenditure patterns, and financial allocations.
Identify key cost drivers, inefficiencies, and areas for potential cost optimization within the World Bank-funded initiatives.
Develop a comprehensive budgeting strategy and model tailored to upcoming World Bank funding opportunities that optimally utilizes Donor funds, allowing for more effective cost recovery of indirect, shared and project management costs.
Work with the IRC project management team and senior management at Country (Lebanon), Regional (MENA) and HQ (NY) levels to support in budget development and give expert advice on efficient and effective budgeting and cost allocation, before and after World Bank negotiations.
Provide ad-hoc and timely support and advice regarding the ongoing development of budget for an anticipated WB Grant.
Present findings and recommendations through comprehensive reports and presentations, highlighting actionable steps and budgetary guidelines.
Develop a presentation that simplifies the structure of the WB, outlines its diverse trust funds, explains fund disbursements methods, and details the range of grants available in Lebanon.

Analysis report detailing the review of World Bank project costs, including identified inefficiencies and areas for optimization.
A comprehensive budgeting framework with detailed recommendations for cost-effective budget design and increased provision for project management expenses.
Presentation summarizing key findings, recommendations, and the proposed budget model.

Eligibility Criteria

Direct and extensive experience of working with the World Bank with expertise in World Bank-NGO; contract budgeting policy and methodology.
Extensive experience in financial analysis and budgeting within the realm of international development banking, particularly the World Bank.
Proficiency in analyzing large datasets and financial reports to derive actionable insights.
Strong understanding of standard INGO financial practices (budgeting, cost allocation models, expenditure tracking) and the particularities of INGO financial models (Indirect Cost Recovery, Shared Costs, Direct Costs etc).
Excellent communication and presentation abilities to effectively convey findings and recommendations to diverse stakeholders.
Excellent written and oral communication skills in English required.

Application Process

Using the link below, you need to create an account on the official IRC website and then you can proceed with the application process.


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