Performance Excellence Grants

Deadline to apply: February 16, 2024

About the Opportunity

In 2024, following a strategic review, the Asfari Foundation is refining its grantmaking model. The updated model aims to build on the existing strengths of the Foundation’s grantmaking, while adding a new level of depth and specificity to maximise the impact of the grant funding.

The primary objectives of the Asfari Foundation’s grants programmes are to:

  • Strengthen the capacity and resilience of organisations operating in and for the Levant.

  • Foster transparency, accountability, and good governance within recipient organisations.

  • Promote sustainable development and economic empowerment within the Levant communities.

  • Drive innovation and evidence-based solutions for regional challenges.

  • Collaborate with external partners to amplify the impact of philanthropic efforts.

To do this, the Foundation will be piloting a series of different grant types that will provide tailored support to organisations in delivering their mission and strategy. These grant types are being phased in over time, and the first to launch are the ‘Performance Excellence Grants’.

Performance Excellence Grants: What are they? 

Performance Excellence Grants are designed to help applicants strengthen a specific function within their organisation.

These grants provide financial support of £7,000 in addition to technical support provided by experts in strengthening the applicant organisations in the functions detailed below. The grant period is up to 12 months.

Organisations must choose to focus on using the funding to support one of the following functions:

  • Strengthening Governance Structure

  • Strengthening Human Resources Management, Staff Development, and Wellbeing

  • Strengthening Financial Management

  • Strengthening Programme Development and Management Practices

  • Strengthening Fundraising and Sustainability Efforts

  • Strengthening Research and Advocacy Management and Impact

  • Strengthening Communication and Digital Infrastructure

  • Strengthening Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning Practices

  • Strengthening Innovation and Exploration of Alternative Solutions

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be officially registered.

  • Be one of the following: a Not-for-Profit, a Social Enterprise, or a Company with a defined social mission (and investing at least 50% of profit back into the Company).

  • Focus on the Levant Region (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria) and Levantine Communities.

  • Work in at least one of the following thematic areas: Developing Independent High-Quality Media, Strengthening Governance, Promoting Active Citizenship, Innovation, Promoting & Supporting Entrepreneurship, Education & Lifelong Learning (EdTech/TechEd), or Gender & Feminism.

  • Align with the Asfari Foundation’s Mission, Vision, Values

  • Organisations of any size are welcome to apply, however small to medium sized Organisations will be prioritised (average yearly budget up to £750,000).

  • Previous recipients of Asfari Foundation funding are welcome to apply, however Organisations who have not previously partnered with the Asfari Foundation will be given priority.

  • In the Syria context, only Syrian Diaspora Organisations addressing issues that affect Syrians globally are eligible to apply.

  • The Asfari Foundation is keen to support Organisations working in the intersection between Environment / Climate and Innovation / Entrepreneurship. If your Organisation operates primarily in the thematic area of the Environment / Climate, you are eligible to apply for this grant under the thematic areas of ‘Innovation’ and / or ‘Promoting & Supporting Entrepreneurship’.

Application Process

If you are eligible, you will be directed to the application form. If you are not eligible, you will be notified and directed to our website/social media channels. The application must be submitted through the online portal.

You are welcome to apply in Arabic and English. Note: there are some sections that will require details to be entered in English to enable consistent record keeping on the Foundation’s internal systems. These sections will be highlighted in the application form.

The deadline mentioned on this page is for the first cycle of the programme. Three cycles will be happening in 2024.

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