Different Types of Scholarships

Scholarships Opportunities: 7 Types and How Apply

You must all have heard about Merit Scholarships given to students for their academic achievements. However, did you know, there are scholarships (hyperlink) for all types of students? We will cover some 7 Types of Scholarships Opportunities in this article, but keep in mind there’s more to them.

Athletic Scholarships 

Athletic Scholarships (/ hyperlink IOC Olympic Solidarity) grant students for their accomplishments in sports. You have to be at the top of your game to win these scholarships; since they are highly competitive. You can find scholarships for all kinds of sports, not just the popular ones.

Specialty Scholarships 

Many Universities, Colleges, and organizations offer students scholarships based on the Major chosen in a particular area. Every University offers grants for different subjects. Research thoroughly and it is just a subject of finding one that you are eligible for.

Ethnic Minorities Scholarships  

Different types of scholarships awarded to ethnic minorities by universities to promote diversity on campus.

Some of them encourage all minorities to apply, while others limit opportunities to a specific minority group. You could find an opportunity for a specific minority group and an additional requirement may be merit or Major based. 

 Community Service Scholarships  

 Educational institutions appreciate students who have shown commitment in their volunteering experiences. Therefore, if you are an active member of your community, then a community service scholarship is what you should search.

 Scholarships for Women 

  As with Scholarships for minorities above, many educational institutions offer awards for women. Female students are encouraged more and more to get a higher education and shine in a world governed by men. You are eligible for this award only by being a woman, or you may need an additional type of scholarship.

Creative Scholarships 

         For the creative enthusiasts out there, this scholarship is designed for you. 

Whether you are interested in graphic design, animation, music, photography, or Cinematography, you can apply to know that the requirements may be and are not limited to a portfolio or an audition.

Need–Based Scholarships

Students who want to apply to a need–based scholarships, must submit documents highlighting that due to their financial situation they are not able to cover their tuition.

Whatever your background is, if you put in the work you will find a scholarship that is tailored to you. In this article, we covered 7 Types of Scholarships, but there is so much more out there.

Now that you have read some of them, go and search for what works best for you!

Written and Reviewed by:

Dounia Abou Jalad

Hany Anan

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